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8 Easy Dessert Decoration Tips

No matter what the occasion – birthday party or wedding reception – the dessert will always be the highlight of the event. A delicious dessert can be the perfect ending to any celebration. Presentation is just as crucial as taste.

Here are some simple ideas on how to decorate your favorite sweets:

1. Choose a subject

Before you start decorating the course, create a topic that will complement your party or event.

2. Make it colorful

Color will bring your desserts alive. Choose complementary colors. Explore different shades, tones and hues as long they complement each other. This would be the best way to attract guests while keeping their mouths watering.

Fruit and nuts can be used to decorate cakes or courses. Use berries in a semi-sweet chocolate dessert, or mangoes, pineapples and peaches in a tropical fruit trifle. Sprinkle colorful gems over the dessert. Cut some nuts, such as almonds or cashews, and scatter them on your sweet dish for an elegant touch.

3. Create it as a painting

There are several ways to compose the plate. Think of the plate as though it were a blank canvases or the frame for a picture. The visual appeal is increased by adding different textures to the plates. You could, as an example, make some meaningful drawings that suit the theme of your party using the candy pieces placed on top of the icing.

4. Contrast temperatures

It is impossible to go wrong with a combination of a warm fruit tart or pie and a cool frozen dessert. Combining temperatures is often simple, but plating takes some thought. Do not place your dish on a hot platter. Frozen dessert can soften too quickly. A chilled plate can also be used to serve cold desserts. However, hot plates will work just fine for many pies or cakes.

5. Create a focal area

Use an element of your dessert to give your plating a focal point. Like any centerpiece, the centerpiece should fit and blend well with the overall presentation. The centerpiece will be the main attraction of your dessert, so you should spend some time and energy planning one that will appeal to your guests. Some great ideas are an oversized chocolate fountain, transparent jars filled with fruits or ice sculptures.

6. Garnishing desserts

Once you have finished your plate, think about the eater. Consider how the garnishes will appear on the final plate. Garnishing desserts with chocolate curds, Cocoa Powder/Icing Sugar, berries, dried fruit, mint leaves and fruit slices adds a touch to glam.

7. Be consistent

When plating desserts, you should be consistent with the style and size of your servings. It can be confusing when you see completely different presentation on each plate. And no one likes seeing the plate across the room with a double-sized serving.

8. Pick eye-catchy desserts

Last but not least, you should choose visually appealing courses to include in your dessert. The centerpiece is not the only thing that can make a dessert look luscious and decadent.

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