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Easy and Fun Desserts to Try!

Do you always make the same desserts at every meal? Have you ever wondered about making scrumptious, gourmet desserts? It is not as complicated as many people think to make gourmet desserts. All you need is a little bit of creativity and some specialized knowledge. No matter what occasion you are celebrating, a unique dessert will always add some spice to your meal.

Cheesecakes have always been a favorite dessert around the world. By adding a few variations, you can turn this classic dessert into a gourmet masterpiece. While the dessert is rich in sugar and calories, it is possible to adjust the recipe for those who want something less sweet. For example, cream cheese can be purchased in low-fat, non-fat, or sugar-free options.

Baked Alaska may be another option. This dessert is rich and although it is not difficult, it requires that you spend extra time on its preparation. The Baked Alaska uses ice-cream, so you can start its preparation the day before it is served. Once it has been heated, it’s best to serve it immediately.

It is a delicious dessert that has its humble beginnings deeply embedded in British culture. It is made up of fresh fruit that is topped with butter, flour, and sugar. Then it is baked until golden brown. It is easy to make, a great dessert to enjoy and goes well with custards and even ice cream.

If you are looking to make an authentic custard, do not use pre-made custards. Instead, start from scratch. Custards, as a rule of thumb for gourmets, are made from a combination milk and eggs. Some custards are made with sugar, milk, cream and egg yolks. Custards come in two basic forms: stirred/soft and baked. Both require slow cooking so as to avoid curdling.

Sauces and sundae toppers are a culinary gift. Even the blandest of desserts will benefit from these items. These desserts come in an endless variety of flavors. Drizzle a little on cakes, crepes and pancakes. Or even muffins. Flavors such as raspberry, cinnamon, pear, chocolate, caramel or caramelized pear are ‘to-die-for’. Also, fruit spreads such as wild blueberry, apricot or the all time favorite,’strawberry’; can easily be served on dessert breads or cheesecake.

Remember to only use the freshest ingredients.

Many people may have believed that selecting a delicious dessert to serve for a special event is incredibly difficult. Online and in cookbooks, there are a huge variety of options to choose from. You can create a special dessert to serve for many different occasions even if you’re not creative.

Happy Baking

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